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December 2017

The Benefits of a single page website

1. It Uses Storytelling to Inspire Action. Just like in comic books, where a grid pattern of illustrated panels is used to propel the momentum of a narrative, a single web page using interactive elements in a grid layout is perfect for propelling the interest of your site visitors towards

Why does Programming Suck?

Before we dig into the “whys”, we have to agree that programming sucks. Let’s take a quick look at the dirty laundry of programming. It costs a lot of time and money to make software. Software bugs costs $320 billion a year[1] and programmers spend half of their time finding

Does my business need an App?

What to consider when designing a mobile app for your business In today’s mobile world, just about everyone carries a small, amazingly powerful, all-access information device—the smartphone. And on this miniature computer are little programs, or apps, that give you the ability to do incredible things. Need directions to a

The Importance of Website Design and User Experience

Since the world has become digitalized it is very important that those who are searching online have a great user experience.  Whether users are searching online for clothes, services or information the importance of website design and user experience must be a top priority for any business looking to drive

Usability and the Mobile Web

For some time now, anyone concerned with search engine optimization made sure a mobile version of their website was available because otherwise they ran the risk of angering the Google algorithm. Yet unlike so many other trends in the SEO world, research shows that mobile web use isn’t slowing down,

December 2016

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